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​Parents, you are your child's first and most important teacher!

We are currently providing services via telehealth to all of our current clients.

Services for Children with Hearing Loss

Spokane SLP is specifically trained in working with children with hearing loss through education and experience to provide services to include:

- Working with families in a family team approach

-  Provide families with the tools and training necessary to maximize your child's speech, language, and listening skills

- Track your child's listening and spoken language skills

-  Provide treatment using Principles of Auditory Verbal Therapy

- Consult with other service providers for your child 

​Services for All Children

At Spokane SLP we are committed to providing excellent family centered , developmentally appropriate play-based services to include:

-  Diagnosis of specific speech and/or langauge problems

-  Communicate assessment results to parents/guardians

-  Articulation (speech) therapy for children who are not producing their sounds correctly and age appropriately

-  Therapy directed at improving receptive and expressive language skills to meet potential and/or age appropriateness

-  Provide play-based therapy sessions

What Parents Can Do

-  Minimize background noise and distractions

-  Sing to your child

-  Read aloud every day (try for 5-10 books a day)

-  Talk about and describe how things sound, work, and feel

-  Describe sequences.  Talk about the steps involved in activities as you are doing them

-  Ask questions!

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