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​Parents, you are your child's first and most important teacher!
Children we Service

Spokane SLP has highly trained therapists who work with children having difficulties with:

- Speech

- Expressive Language

- Receptive Language

- Literacy

- Auditory Processing

- Speech/Language difficulties due to hearing loss

*We do not provide services for children with feeding/swallowing difficulties.

​Services for All Children

At Spokane SLP we are committed to providing excellent family centered , developmentally appropriate play-based services to include:

-  Diagnosis of specific speech and/or langauge problems

-  Communicate assessment results to parents/guardians

-  Articulation (speech) therapy for children who are not producing their sounds correctly and age appropriately

-  Therapy directed at improving receptive and expressive language skills to meet potential and/or age appropriateness

-  Provide play-based therapy sessions

What Parents Can Do

-  Play games

-  Sing to/with your child

-  Read to/with your child

-  Talk about and describe how things sound, work, and feel

-  Describe sequences.  Talk about the steps involved in activities as you are doing them

-  Ask questions!

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